Hogwarts on the Hill 2020: Fire Call Edition

Greetings from Headmistress Holt

We are delighted to have you join us for camp, happening this year in a whole new dimension. It will be like we’ve fallen into a pensieve, except instead of descending into the past, we are headed into the future. So grab a sprinkle of floo powder and get ready to zoom into the cool blue-green flames of Hogwarts on the Hill, 2020.

We appreciate your family joining us to create a magical multi-generational experience in this most unusual of years. We know it will require more parental involvement than at previous camps, and we are grateful for your participation. We hope you will experience some magic from sharing the journey with your children in a fuller way than before. Also, deep thanks to the many people who have worked behind the scenes for months to make this camp possible in a new way this year. We hope this project has brought you joy in the process too.

Thinking of you all with the enduring sweetness of an everlasting gobstopper,

Selden S. Holt


Follow your schedule

BE ON TIME … this is a live, synchronized camp. We all need to work together for it to run smoothly.

You have been placed into one of four groups; you can look at your information packet you received in Diagon Alley to find your assigned group.

Go to your group schedule page and follow your schedule throughout the day.

Do your classwork

Your schedule will link to all the classes you will be taking, and when you will take them.

Go to the class pages and follow the instructions there.

You received all the supplies you will need at Diagon Alley.

Some activities may take longer than the time allotted. If you run out of time, set your work aside so you can arrive at your Zoom class promptly. You can always return to finish your work later.

Attend your Zoom classes

There will be one Zoom meeting open throughout the day.

You can find the link to that Zoom meeting here.

If you get lost, you can always apparate into the Zoom meeting and ask Switchboard Jenny where you need to be.

You will also find helpful tips about being a good Zoom student.

Hang out in your House

You have been sorted into one of the four prestigious Hogwarts Houses.

Visit your House page to read a greeting from your head of house and to share your creations. Like all real common rooms, you will need a password to enter.

You will also spend time in your common room during Zoom.

Take an elective

This year we are offering two special electives.

Supplies are available at Diagon Alley.

Electives will meet on Zoom from 1:15-1:30

Social justice opportunities

Donate funds to support Trans rights through Equality NC.

Contribute to our traditional activity honoring the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W.), started by Hermione Granger, by bringing new clean women’s and children’s socks with you to Diagon Alley. These will be donated to UNC Horizons, a substance use disorder treatment program for pregnant/parenting women and their children with sites in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Raleigh.

Help the NAACP / UU the Vote voting project by participating in the “Visibility” elective.