Welcome to class!

Please follow these three steps for the next 45 minutes

Step 1: Watch Video Lecture from Professor Morningstar

Step 2: Work on your Constellation Light.  

Supplies and directions are in your Astronomy kit.

Step 3: Join Professor Morning Star in your live zoom class

Click HERE to join the live Zoom class

Check your class schedule for the exact time and don’t be late! And watch out for Centaurs. Centaurs wait for no one!

Bring your constellation creation to share and show in zoom.


Professor Mira Morningstar is delighted to begin teaching at Hogwarts for the first time this year. She is a proud muggle-born, and a stellar witch as well as an accomplished astronomer. Her favorite constellation is Pegasus. When not teaching, Professor Morningstar enjoys staying up late to observe the heavens with her cat, Venus.