Welcome to class!

Please follow these three steps for the next 45 minutes.

Step 1: Watch Video Lecture from Professor Goodleaf

Step 2: Work on your Bug Bane Assignment. 

Supplies and directions are in your Herbology kit. 

Step 3: Join Professor Goodleaf  in your live zoom class. 

Click HERE to join the live Zoom class

Check your class schedule for the exact time and don’t be late! Plants grow slowly by Herbology class goes fast!

Bring your Helpful Herbs card deck (Also in your Herbology kit). 


Professor Grace Goodleaf comes from a line of witches and healers going back through her mother to at least three more generations of garden witches and midwives.

She is known for creating potions and lotions that have healing or mystical properties, and for her research on the beneficial properties of chocolate. At present she is experimenting with useful combinations of herbs with chocolate.