Note: all Zoom meetings will take place in the same meeting room. The links in the “Zoom Meeting” column below all go to this page with the meeting info.

Time of ActivityZoom ZoomingHome Activity
10:00-10:30Opening Circle/Sorting
10:30-11:00House Time
11:00-11:15Break (Bathroom / Suggested Snack)
11:15-11:20Class 1: Watch Defense Against the Dark Arts Video Lesson
11:20-11:40Class 1: Work on your Quill and Ink assignment
11:40-12:00Class 1: Zoom with Prof. Astrophel to share your messages
12:00-12:05Class 2: Watch Care Of Magical Creatures Video Lesson
12:05-12:25Class 2: Work on your Dragon assignment
12:25 -12:45Class 2: Zoom with Prof. Menagerie to share your dragon stories
12:45-1:15Lunch with your house (optional)
Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean taste off
Or Lunch on your own
1:15-1:30Electives: Invisibility or Visibility
1:30-1:35Class 3: Watch Mathmagic Video Lesson
1:35-1:55Class 3: Work on your card trick practice assignment
1:55-2:15Class 3: Zoom with Prof. Lockhart to share your card tricks
2:15-2:20Class 4: Watch Astronomy Video Lesson
2:20-2:40Class 4: Work on your Constellation Light assignment
2:40-3:00Class 4: Zoom with Prof. Morningstar to share your constellation creations
3:00-3:15Break (Bathroom / Suggested Snack)
3:15-3:20Class 5: Watch Herbology Video Lesson
3:20-3:40Class 5: Work on your Bug Bane assignment
3:40-4:00Class 5: Zoom with Prof. Goodleaf to play herb game
4:00-4:30House Time
4:30-5:00Closing Circle