Welcome to your House!

Hello Ravenclaw! 

I am Lady Cerulean, your Head of House Ravenclaw for the 4th year. I am so excited to see all of our retuning students and am anxious to catch up on all of the achievements you’ve accomplished this past year. I would also like to extend the warmest of welcomes to the new students joining us this year! We are all anxious to get to know you and your talents. 

As you can imagine we at the Ministry of Magic have been quite busy this year, so I am quite relieved to be able to spend this time with you again. 

Here’s to a GREAT Hogwarts on the Hill 2020! 

Yours in Magic,

Lady Cerulean

Ravenclaw chant

The eagles are here

Our sight is clear

Clever to the core

Watch us soar

Witty and clever 

Ravenclaw forever! 

Ravenclaw chalice lighting 

We light this chalice to celebrate Ravenclaw.

We are the house of the inquisitive mind.

We are the house of creative hands.

We are the house of the wise heart. 

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