Greetings from your head of house!

Welcome to the best house by far!

Not only is Slytherin home to the greatest wizard of all time –Merlin, but it is also home to you now. 

Slytherins are proud, loyal, cunning and strategic. We are leaders. We are winners. We are powerful. We get to use our power for good. 

Like snakes we can get where we need to go often without detection. 

As Slytherins we are gifted at Occlumency (the ability to resist having your mind read by Legilimency).

Voldemort, Snape, Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, and Slughorn are all notable Slytherin Occlumens. Indeed, most known Occlumens in the world are Slytherin alums. Because I can’t read your mind, please let me know if you have needs today. As your Head of House I am here to help you. 

Slytherin chalice lighting

We light this chalice to celebrate Slytherin

This is the house of the cunning mind

This is the house of the loyal heart

The is the house of the skillful hands

Slytherin chant

We’ll do what it takes, we are snakes

Determined to win, we’re Slytherin

The other houses can try, but they can’t outfly

We’re so bright, and also right!


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About your Head of House

Kati Best is new to house Slytherin. After much soul-searching she realized that her strategic and ambitious personality is most at home among fellow Slytherins. Kati does not speak parseltongue, but her childhood pet was a boa constrictor named “Curly.” Kati is green with envy at the thought of being your Head of House this year.